Positive Behavior Incentive System


We are Bayou Community Academy.
At BCA we strive to 
     * Be Prepared,
     * Care for Others, and
     * Act Responsibly.
Here, we come to learn and learn to serve.
BCA, all the way! 

Dress Down Day Guidelines:

  • No Costumes
  • Tennis Shoes Only
  • Shorts and skirts can be no shorter than 2″ above the knee
  • Shirts have and appropriate neckline and sleeves
  • Nothing too tight or too baggy.
  • No hats

PBIS - Positive Behavior Incentive System

Elementary PBIS Plan

Bayou Community Academy’s Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) has the following goals:

  1. To develop a positive self-image in each scholar.
  2. To promote good behavior choices in the school setting.
  3. To foster respect towards BCA staff and peers.

The scholars of BCA are encouraged to learn and demonstrate the BCA Pledge:

We are Bayou Community Academy. At BCA we strive to Be Prepared, Care for Others, and Act Responsibly. Here, we COME to LEARN, LEARN to SERVE. BCA all the way!

The staff at BCA has implemented the following positive behavior incentives for scholars who exhibit model student behavior.

PBIS Rewards:

Scholars can earn the PBIS rewards by following all PBIS expectations. The scholars will use the monthly calendar found in their agendas to mark daily behavior.


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Middle School PBIS Plan

1. Faculty Commitment obtained and
maintained throughout the school year.

  • Basic behavioral principles
    taught/reviewed with staff.
  • Plans developed for training staff and

2. PBIS Team established (membership, meeting
times, leader, roles, mission)

3. Staff Survey summary reports are presented
to staff.

4. Expectations Developed (3-5 positively stated)

  • Rules developed for specific settings
  • Lesson Plans developed for teaching expectations/rules

5. Reward/recognition program established

6. Establish Responding System to Behavioral Violations

  • Behaviors defined and categorized. (major/minor)
  • Consequences hierarchy developed for classroom
    and office
  • Discipline referral process established and flow
    chart developed.

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