Parent / Scholar Handbook

Dr. Melanie Becnel, Director/CEO


Jessica Rosado, Principal



BCA Information


800 East 7th Street
Thibodaux, LA 70301


Burgundy and Gold

Mission Statement

The Mission of Bayou Community Academy is to guide students through an enriching and challenging humanities, fine arts, technology, mathematics, and science curriculum that is designed to prepare students for the future, making them lifelong learners, change agents, powerful communicators and good citizens.  




The philosophy is that a changing environment needs students adapted to a state of change, who are going to be agents of change for the future.  The philosophy is one that combines the best of today with the best of the past.

Phone Number / Fax Number

Phone – (985)446-3011 Fax – (985)446-3092


We are Bayou Community Academy. At BCA we strive to Be Prepared, Care for Others and Act Responsibly. Here, we come to learn and learn to serve. BCA, all the way!


School Time – 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Office Hours – 7:45 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.

Car Line is from 7:35-7:58


To be a school whose curriculum is centered in a virtuous character development program as the foundation of a safe, orderly, and encouraging school environment.  The school will work to build a community that provides the opportunity for students, teachers, and stakeholders to learn, lead, and serve society.

Website  www.bcacharter.org

2019-2020 Holidays

September 2 Labor Day

 October 14 Fall Break

 November 25-29 Thanksgiving

 Dec 23 – Jan 3 Christmas / New Years

 January 20 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

 February 24-28 Mardi Gras

April 10-17 Easter/Spring Break

Absence and Tardiness for School:

Punctual attendance to school is essential to academic success. Please be aware of attendance guidelines` and Louisiana’s Compulsory School Attendance Law R.S. 17:221.

  • Exempted/Excused Absences-A scholar’s absence will be excused with proper doctor’s notes, for religious holidays of the scholar’s faith, or for a death in the family.  A copy of an obituary must be sent in to excuse an absence for a death in the family. The scholar will be allowed to make up any work missed during this time, and an excused absence will not count against the scholar in a decision to deny credit or grades.
  • Non-Exempted/Parental Excused Absences-Parent notes should be sent to school within 5 days for personal reasons. These notes are for scholars’ make-up work and parents’ communication purposes only.   Scholars will be allowed to make up any work missed during the absence, but this will not excuse the absence as it relates to truancy. Therefore, these absences shall remain “unexcused,” and it is the scholar’s responsibility to make up all missed work and assignments.
  1. After 3 unexcused absences, the parent will be contacted by the School Nurse.
  2. After 5 unexcused absences, a letter will be sent home by the school counselor or social worker. 
  3. After 7 unexcused absences, a conference with the parent and the scholar will be scheduled with the principal. 
  4. On the 12thunexcused absence, a letter will be sent to the District Attorney’s Office and the child will be considered “truant”.  
  • Late Arrival/Early Check-Out-If a scholar is brought into school after 8:00 a.m. or signs out before 3:00 p.m., the student is counted as late arrival/early check-out.  A late arrival/early check-out can be considered excused with a note from a doctor, for religious holidays of the scholar’s faith, or for a death in the family. 
  1. After 3 late arrivals/early check-outs, a parent letter will be sent home in the student’s agenda informing the parent of the tardiness. A parent signature will be requested and note must be returned to school.
  2. After 5 late arrivals/early check-outs, a letter will be sent home.
  3. After 7 late arrivals/early check-outs, the student and the parent will meet with the principal.


BCA will follow the LPSD Honor Roll criteria stated in the Lafourche Parish Parent Student Handbook. 

Before / After School Child Care:

The Child Care Program is a program of before and after school care for children so that they may remain in the safe, secure, and familiar environment of their school while enjoying activities such as arts, crafts, indoor and outdoor games, and movies to mention a few.  The morning Child Care Program begins at 6:50 a.m. and ends when the duty teacher arrives at 7:35 a.m.  The afternoon program begins when the school dismissal bell rings at 3:00 p.m. and ends at 5:25 p.m.  The program operates Monday through Friday on regular school days. Please see the Child Care Handbook for more information.

Before / After School Options:

  1. Busing will be provided to and from BCA.  The bus will make satellite stops based on the need in various areas of the parish.  Bus transportation will not be provided for door to door pick-up or drop-off.  Only satellite stops are available. It is recommended that parents use their assigned bus stops.  
  2. Before and After School Child Care will be provided from 6:50 a.m. to 5:25 p.m.  
  3. Parents may choose to drop off their children at school no earlier than 7:35 a.m. Scholars must not be dropped off once the duty teacher leaves their duty positions after the take-in bell rings at 8:00.  Parents who enter the parent drop-off area after the classes have lined up for the morning bell must check in their child in the front office. 
  1. Children can be picked up from school beginning at 3:00 p.m. in the parent pick up designated areas.  Parents must have a BCA Parent Pick-Up Sign for the current school year (obtained from the school) on the dashboard of the vehicle in order to pick up their child. Parent-made signs are not allowed.   Parents not having an official parent-pick-up sign or a current sign will be sent to the office to pick up the scholar.  Please avoid blocking the driveways to homes and businesses along the car line.  Parents are not allowed to get their scholars from the office, unless the scholar is signed out by the office. Please be aware of the school zone speed limit. All students walking home must be at least 11 years old and have a permission letter on file.  

*Phone calls, emails, or faxes to the secretary stating the change of how a scholar is getting home in the afternoon will not be accepted after 1:00pm. 

Behavior Management/PBIS 

Our school will follow State Guidelines along with the Lafourche Parish Code of Conduct.  For the Student Code of Conduct guidelines, please refer to the Lafourche Parish School’s Parent and Student Handbook.  Our school will also have a school-wide classroom management plan, which will incorporate the Louisiana Department of Education mandated Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) program.  For more information, please visit our website under PBIS.  

School-wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) Expectations

Be Prepared, Care for other, and Act Responsibly

Voices: O- No Voice/Silent, 1- Whisper, 2- Inside Voice, 3- Outside Voice


School Wide Expectations







Be Prepared

*Bring all necessary items to school, class and lunch

*Pay attention

*Be eager to learn

*Be on time

*Sit correctly and face the front

*Walk, don’t run

*Line up quickly

*Stay off of tree trunks

*Follow teachers directions

*Try to use restroom at recess

*Wash hands

*Wash your hands

*Get all items while in line

Care for Others

*Respect personal space

*Speak and act kindly

*Include others

*Avoid gossip

*Respect personal space

*Share your seat

*Be courteous to the driver

*Use inside voice

*Use positive and encouraging words

*Play fair

*Include others

*Use zero voices

*Keep hands to yourself

*Respect privacy of other

*Use inside voices

*Be quick

*Use inside voices

*Throw away trash

Act Responsibly

*Follow directions

*Stay in designated areas

*Do the “right” thing

*Sit quietly

*Ask appropriate questions

*All items remain in school bag

*No eating or drinking

*No electronic devices 

*Stay in designated areas

*Use equipment properly

*Go only to designated area

*Flush toilets

*Conserve water and paper towels

*Use table manners

*Sit in designated area

*Enter/exit orderly

**Blatant disrespect, profane language, or fighting will result in an immediate referral to the administration.**

Bus Procedures:

BCA utilizes satellite stops only for bus transportation. No house by house stops will be provided to any scholar at any age. A schedule of the bus routes is always posted on the BCA website. Parents are advised to review the routes provided and choose a satellite stop that works best for their location and schedule. It is recommended that the assigned satellite stops are used. 

  1. Scholars must ride their assigned bus unless the parent writes a note and the note is given to the teacher that morning.
  2. Parents must be at the afternoon bus stop at least 10 minutes before the designated drop-off time.
    1. If parents are not at the bus stop to receive their scholar off of the bus, the child will be brought back to school. Parents must pick up their scholar at school once the route is complete from the location that the buses park for the evening.  If this reoccurs, the scholar could lose bus privileges.   
    2. Scholars 11 years old or older may walk home from a bus stop.  However, there are a few stops that are identified on the Satellite Stop list that indicates that due to their location, for safety reasons, regardless of the scholar’s age, they are not allowed off of the bus without parent supervision. 
  3.  Be considerate of businesses by not blocking access or interfering with parking areas at the satellite stops.

Only students 11 years of age or older will be allowed to walk home with written permission from parents or guardians. 

Cafeteria Procedures:

Parents are encouraged to pay in advance for scholar’s meals. Please make sure that your scholar has money in his/her account. Once a scholar reaches up to a -$6.01 balance, the scholar will get a sandwich for lunch that day and every day following until money is deposited into their account.  Checks may be made payable to Lafourche Parish Child Nutrition.

               Prices for scholars who are purchasing lunch from the cafeteria will pay the following (prices are subject to change):

Student Breakfast – $2.30

Student Lunch – $3.30

Student Reduced Breakfast – $.30

Student Reduced Lunch – $.40

If scholars bring their lunch to school, the lunch is to be brought with them to school in the morning. Parents bringing lunches to school cause a disruption to the daily school routine; therefore, parents will not be allowed to bring a child’s lunch to school during the day. Commercial fast foods, carbonated beverages, sports drinks (Gatorade, PowerAde, etc.), concentrated sweets, and high fat foods shall not be allowed in the cafeteria. 

Calendars with School Activities:

Calendars will be printed on a monthly basis.  They will be given to the scholars by their homeroom professionals to bring home to their parents.  The calendars will inform parents of all up-coming events. The calendar is also on the school’s website. 

Car Line Procedures:

Drop Off:

  1. All vehicles must pull up to a designated spot and come to a complete stop. Parents are asked to pull up as close as possible to the vehicle ahead of you.
  2. The duty teacher will raise a flag to indicate all scholars to get out of the vehicle.
  3. Once scholars are out of the vehicles, the flag will go down to indicate that the cars may leave. Parents are reminded to not pass other cars or buses in the car line. Please remember to obey school zone speed limits.
  4. Please avoid blocking the driveways to homes and businesses along the car line.  
  5. Please be mindful of road traffic before entering back on the road.  

Drop off will begin at 7:35 am and will last until the 8:00 am bell.  Professionals will not begin letting the scholars out of their vehicles until 7:35 am. 

**NO scholar is allowed to be dropped off once the duty teacher leaves his/her position and the rest of the school is lined up to enter the building. Once the duty teacher leaves, the scholar is considered tardy to school.

Pre-K and Kindergarten Scholars and three BCA buses will enter the East Thibodaux Middle School driveway to drop off and pick up scholars on the side of our cafeteria.

All other scholars will be dropped off and picked up on Tetreau Street, on the Thibodaux Elementary side of BCA.  The car line should begin coming from the back of Tetreau Street by the public pool.  Once the back of Tetreau Street is occupied, the line will continue on Henry Schuler Thibodaux Street by the Lafourche Parish Public Works.  The first car that arrives to drop off should stop just before the horseshoe parking lot in the back of our campus in order to allow staff access to this parking area. 

Once you arrive on campus, all vehicles must pull up to the car in front of them and come to a complete stop.  Please pull up as close as possible to the vehicle ahead of you.  Once all vehicles come to a complete stop, the duty teacher will raise a flag to indicate that all scholars are to get out of the vehicle.  Once all scholars are out of the vehicles, the flag will be lowered to indicate that the vehicles may leave.

  Pick up:

  1. All vehicles must have an official and current BCA sign with scholar’s name in the front window. If there is no sign, they must go to the office with a picture ID. 
  2. Vehicles will pull up to the designated area. (Please pull up as close as possible.)
  3. Scholars are to be attentive and quiet when watching and listening for their cars. 
  4. The duty teacher will raise the flag and scholars are allowed to enter their vehicles. Please do not leave the car line or pull forward until the duty teacher lowers the flag indicating it is safe for traffic to begin moving. 

**Parents are not allowed to pick up their children from the front office unless the scholars are being signed out. **

**Scholars must be at least 11 years old with a permission letter on file to walk to and from school. **

Change of Address

Scholars with a change of address during the course of the school year must submit proof of residency information. Address changes cannot be made without this documentation. Please keep all contact and emergency information current and notify the school with any changes. 

Dress Code Guidelines:

BCA has adopted a dress code policy. This policy is in place to promote school safety, academic discipline, and decorum. Scholars in violation of the school dress code policy may receive a conduct mark as a result of the infraction. 

Belts: Solid Navy, black or brown. No oversized buckles, decorations, or names. Belts must be worn if clothing has belt loops. 

Bottoms: Traditional uniform style navy jumper, skirt, shorts, scooters or slacks.  Jumpers, skirts, shorts, and scooters must be no more than 2” above the knee.  Jean or jean type pants, pockets on lower legs, and sagging or tight pants are not allowed.

Jewelry: Only small studded earrings are allowed. Necklaces, bracelets, and rings are not permitted.  A watch may be worn if it is not distracting to the scholar. 

Hair Accessories:  Must be school colors only.  (White, Gold, Black, Navy, Gray or Burgundy colors). Hair accessories should not be distracting and may be asked to remove. 

Make-Up:  In grades 5th through 8th may wear make-up as long as it is not distracting.  No make-up is allowed to be brought to school.

Shoes: Tennis shoes only.  (This may include walking or running shoes, suitable for PE classes.)  Tennis shoes must be either Velcro or have shoelaces that can be tied.   No lighted or skate shoes.  Mary Jane, deck shoes, and boots are not allowed.  Shoes must be fastened or laced at all times. 

Socks: Solid White, Gold, Black, Navy, Gray or Burgundy colors and must be visible.  

Tights: Solid White, Gold, Black, Navy, Gray or Burgundy colors tights and leggings are acceptable.  If leggings are worn, the scholar must wear uniform socks and the proper uniform bottom must be worn on top.

Tops: Gold or solid white polo with collar and sleeves. White blouse and button front with collar.

Undershirts: Undershirts must be solid White, Gold, Black, Navy, Gray or Burgundy colors.

Jackets: Must be White, Gold, Black, Navy, Gray or Burgundy colors.  No  advertisements, team identification, or oversized logos.  Jean jackets are not allowed.  Plain zip-up hoodies are allowed in the above mentioned colors.  (Please label your child’s jacket with his/her name on the tag.) 

During extreme weather, coats may be worn outside of the school building and can be of any color. Winter caps and scarves and not allowed to be worn in the building. 

Sweaters: White, Gold, Black, Navy, Gray or Burgundy colors long sleeve only.

Sweatshirts: BCA sweatshirt and hoodies only.  Only purchased from BCA.  (Please label your child’s sweatshirt with his/her name on the tag.)

General Guidelines:

  • BCA Spirit shirts may be worn on Fridays with uniform bottoms and Club tee-shirts may be worn on designated club days. 
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  • ID tags must be worn on the left collar at all times.
  • Baggy, sagging, or oversized clothing is not allowed.
  • No hats, sunglasses, fake glasses, silly bands, or lanyards are allowed.
  • Hoods are not to be worn inside the school building.
  • Scholar’s hair must be groomed in such a manner that it will not draw undue attention to, or create a potential safety hazard to him/her or others. NO hair feathers.
  • Only natural color hair is allowed (black, brunette, auburn, or blonde)
  • Faces and hands must be kept clean.
  • Basic commitment to neat, well-groomed scholars with personal hygiene and cleanliness is mandatory.
  • Smart watches are allowed to be worn on campus. However, all smart technology, including internet and Bluetooth capabilities must be turned off during school hours.
  • Unless otherwise noted, tennis shoes must be worn on dress down days.  

Drills (Fire/Tornado/Lockdown):

Fire Drill Procedures:

  1.  The fire alarm will be sounded to indicate a fire drill.
  2. When the alarm sounds, the scholars should immediately rise, leave the rooms in a single file line and follow the routes described by the teacher.  Time should not be spent lingering to gather books, closing windows, etc.  
  3. All groups should continue walking, following the teacher’s instructions until reaching the furthest point from the building without leaving the school grounds.  
  4. There should be no running, loud talking, etc. that might lead to panic.
  5. If the designated exit is blocked, the teacher will immediately select the closest alternative exit and lead the group in that direction.  
  6. No one should re-enter the building until instructed to do so.

Tornado Drill Procedures:

  1.  An announcement will be made about a tornado drill. 
  2. The scholars will exit the classroom in an orderly fashion to the hallway.
  3. The scholars will sit with their backs against the interior wall in a tucked position covering their heads with their hands.
  4. Talking is not allowed.
  5. An announcement will be made when the drill is over and the scholars can re-enter their classrooms.
  6. Scholars in the TES building should be escorted to the ground floor and follow the procedures stated above.

Lockdown Drill Procedures:

  1.  An announcement will be made about a lockdown drill.
  2. All interior and exterior doors must be lock and secured.
  3. Scholars will follow the instructions of their professional to “Avoid, Deny, Defend”
  4. There is no talking or whispering.
  5. An announcement will be made when the drill is over.

Instructional Lockdown Drill Procedures:

  1.  An announcement will be made about an instructional lockdown drill.
  2. Scholars will remain in their classrooms as normal.  
  3. No one will be allowed in the halls or out of the classroom until the drill is over.
  4. All interior and exterior doors will be secured.

School phones may not be answered during a drill or lockdown. No one can enter or exit the school during a drill or lockdown. No students are to be signed out, and no parents/visitors are to be allowed on campus. The drill or lockdown must be completed and considered “all clear” before any of the aforementioned takes place.


Emails are used as a form of communication between parents and school.  Please make sure that your child’s professionals have an updated email address for you throughout the school year.  Teachers may respond to emails at their planning times, before school, or after school until 5:00 p.m. Emails and phone calls are the preferred method of communication, and messages sent on social media will not be addressed.  Please note that it may take teachers 24-48 hours to respond to an email. For urgent messages, please contact the office at 985-446-3011. 

Emergency Closings:

Emergency school closing will be broadcasted over the local radio, T.V. stations, and our school’s website.  The loss of instructional time must be made up and this will be at the discretion of the BCA Board and the Director.  

Grading Policy: See the Lafourche Parish Parent Student Handbook on Grading and Reporting and the Lafourche Parish Pupil Progression Handbook. It is the expectation of BCA that scholars maintain a 2.4 cumulative grade point average.  

ID Tags:

All scholars are required to wear ID tags on the collar as part of the uniform policy; lanyards are not allowed.  The initial ID tag is complimentary.  Defaced, lost, or stolen tags must be replaced for a fee of $3.00. The teacher will mark in the scholars’ agenda to document when scholars do not have their IDs. In grades 5-8, scholars may lose recess time for ID violations. 

Illness and Attendance: In general, unless your child is significantly ill, the best place for the child is in school. However, there are some situations in which your child may be ill and should stay home. Please follow the recommendation of your health care provider in making these determinations. 


Getting your child immunized should be a top priority. 

Parents are reminded that Louisiana law requires all children entering school are to present copies of their immunization records at the time of registration. This includes new students, those in pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and those entering grades 1 -8 at BCA for the first time. R.S. 17:170 states that “all persons entering any school within the state for the first time shall present evidence of an immunization program in progress”. This will be strictly enforced by Bayou Community Academy. Any student failing to meet the immunization standards shall be prohibited from attending school until such time as the immunization standards are met.

No child seeking to enter BCA shall be required to comply with the provisions of this written policy if the child or his/her parent or guardian submits either a statement from a physician stating that this procedure is contraindicated for medical reasons, or a written dissent from the parents is presented. Exception in compliance may also apply to any person who is unable to comply due to a shortage in the supply of available vaccinations against meningococcal disease.

          If an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease occurs, upon the recommendation of the state office of public health, school administrators may exclude from attendance unimmunized students until the appropriate disease incubation period has expired, or the immunized person presents evidence of immunization.

Items Not Allowed at School:

  1. Drugs, fireworks, weapons, and dangerous objects are not allowed on the bus or the school grounds.
  2. Cell phones should not be visible, used or heard at school or on the bus.  Disciplinary actions may occur. Smart watches are allowed to be worn on campus. However, all smart technology, including internet and Bluetooth capabilities must be turned off during school hours. Watches with camera capabilities are not allowed at school. 
  3. Radios, game boys, trading cards, toys, cameras, iPods, and iPads are not allowed at school, unless the office gives special permission.
  4. Scholars may not bring chewing gum or sunflower seeds to school.
  5. Sunglasses, fake glasses, or hats are not to be worn at school.
  6. Students may not bring any medications to school for any reason. Any medication needed at school must be checked in with the nurse accompanied with the proper paperwork from a physician.  See medication policy. 
  7. Lanyards are not allowed to be worn at school. 

Lost and Found:

The lost and found is located near the janitor’s office for elementary scholars and on the third floor for middle school scholars.  Scholars may check the lost and found for lost items during homeroom period or at their recess. It is each student’s responsibility to keep up with personal belongings. It is suggested that all sweatshirts and jackets are labeled with the scholar’s name. 

Items Left at Home:

Students will not be allowed to call home for forgotten items. To foster responsibility, parents will not be allowed to deliver forgotten items after 8:00 a.m.  This includes lunches, agendas, assignments and projects. 

Make-up Tests:

It is the scholars’ responsibility to make up any tests that are missed when absent.  With the exception of extenuating circumstances or prolonged absences, scholars will have no more than 5 days to make up tests. Any tests not taken within 5 days of returning to school will result in a grade of an “F”.  We encourage parents to contact your child’s teacher to arrange for make-up work to be picked up and to schedule missed tests. 

Medication Policies:

In case of an emergency, school personnel will not hesitate to call for emergency medical services.  School personnel are authorized to utilize these services when deemed in the best interest of the scholars.  Parents are encouraged to provide the school with accurate and up-to-date emergency numbers.  

Administration of Medication to Pupils

The School Nurse and other trained employees are authorized to administer medication according to the following regulations:

  1. Written orders from a physician detailing the name of the drug, dosage, and time interval medication must be given to the School Nurse.
  2. A written request and permission from the parent or guardian of the student requesting that the school comply with the order.
  3. Medication must be brought to the School Nurse by a parent in a container appropriately labeled by the pharmacy or physician.
  4. Each medication given must be recorded on a medication log, which includes the date, item, dosage, and signature of person giving medication.
  5. Non-prescription medicines (aspirin, cough drops, etc.) are not allowed at school, unless all medication policies and paperwork have been fully completed with the school nurse.
  6. The initial dose of medication should be administered by the student’s parent/guardian outside of school with sufficient time for observation of adverse reactions.
  7. School medication orders shall be limited to medication that cannot be administered before or after school hours.

Money Owed to the School:

The $10 supply fee must be paid to the school by August 22, 2019. Scholars are responsible for all textbooks issued.  If textbooks or library books are lost, stolen, or damaged, the scholar is responsible for paying the cost of replacing the book.  Additionally, parents are responsible for any debts incurred.  Any scholar owing money to the school will be placed on the school debt list and will be denied the privileges of participating in any fundraising events.

Parent / Teacher Conferences:

Parent-Teacher conferences can be scheduled each school day before school, during recess, during the teacher’s planning time, and after school upon the teacher’s discretion. Please make an appointment with the teacher whenever you desire a conference. Professionals will not confer with parents at any time during the day other than the times mentioned above. All other times are set aside for instructional time for our scholars. 

Parental Involvement:

Parents are encouraged to become active participants in their child’s education.  We encourage all parents to become a member of our Boosters and invite all to participate in our    Parental Involvement Activities.  If you would like to volunteer, please feel free to give us a call or email your child’s teacher.  Due to safety concerns, upon check-in, please sign in with the front office.  The secretary will verify that you are scheduled with the appropriate personnel.  You are a very important part of BCA!  


Classroom parties and snacks must all be coordinated with the classroom professionals and held to a minimum to preserve instructional time. Please be aware of potential food allergies that may exist within your child’s classroom. Some snacks or treats may not be allowed. The classroom professionals will consult with the school nurse before any snack will be allowed.  Birthday snacks are up to the teacher’s discretion in grades PK-4 and should only include wrapped snacks or drinks provided by the parent. These refreshments will not be served until 2:45. 

Classroom Snacks or any time you are supplying food for your child’s entire class:

  • Please do not send any peanuts/nuts, peanut butter, foods containing peanuts, peanut butter, or tree nuts.
  • Please do not send any snack items that have been manufactured in a plant that processes peanuts or tree nuts.
  • Please do not send any baked goods that contain any of the above listed items.

Reading food labels is the ONLY way to identify products that contain or “may contain” the ingredient of concern.

Classroom Parties Include:

  • Christmas- will be held the day before Christmas Holidays and will be planned by Boosters and the Professionals and Staff.
  • Valentine’s Day- treats and cards may be distributed at the teacher’s discretion. Please check with your child’s teacher before sending anything to school. There will be no party or loss of instructional time for Valentine’s Day. 
  • Easter – snacks may be given at the end of the day before Good Friday.  
  • Birthdays – at the professional’s discretion in grades PK-4, but limited to snacks for the class at 2:45pm.  Providing snacks must be planned with the professional and parties are not allowed.  In order to preserve instructional time, birthday snacks are not allowed in grades 5-8. 

Procedures for scholars being signed out during school hours:

NO student will be released to anyone without proper identification.  At the beginning of the year, the parent is responsible for filling out a Student Sign out Authorization card listing the individuals who are allowed to sign their children out.  When someone arrives to school, they must present a valid driver’s license or picture identification card to the secretary and their name MUST be on the sign out card, this includes parents and grandparents.  If the child does not have a Student Sign out Authorization card on file or if an individual is not on the card, the scholar will not be allowed to leave campus.  

Rainy Days

Scholars in the middle school grades on the Thibodaux Elementary campus are encourage to bring rain gear to school as needed. 


Recess time is used for restroom use and to obtain water.  Scholars may have a clear plastic water bottle with them in class, but it is their responsibility to bring that water bottle to school filled with only water.  No other drinks are allowed during class time.


Re-registration to BCA takes place annually, typically within the month of March. All necessary paperwork will be sent home with scholars for parents to complete indicating their intent for returning to BCA in the next school year. All completed paperwork and necessary documents must be submitted in an envelope to the principal(s) within the given timeline. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the loss of the scholar’s seat at BCA for the upcoming school year. 

School Bags:

All school bags MUST be clear plastic or mesh. Scholars should clean out school bags regularly, carrying only essential items.  Rolling school bags are not allowed. 


Hearing & Vision Screenings – All PreK, K and odd grades will have a screening performed. Because these screenings are state mandated, we will no longer require a consent for this. If you wish for your child not to participate, please inform the school nurse; otherwise, your child will be screened. 

Scoliosis Screening (curvature of the spine) – In the spring, 4th, 6th, and 8th graders will be screened with their parents’ permission. Please sign and return the permission slip that will be sent home later in the school year. Your child will only be screened if a permission form is received.

Signed Test Papers:

All test papers will be distributed every Tuesday afternoon for scholars in 1st-6th grade.  Parents are asked to review the test papers with your child and sign and return them by Wednesday.  The teacher will pick up the papers every Wednesday morning, whether they are signed or not.  Each teacher will keep all test papers for the remainder of the year.  If a parent would like to review the papers, they must contact the teacher to schedule an appointment.  

Parents of scholars in 7th-8th are asked to make arrangements with your child’s teacher to request test papers. All test grades will be entered into Jpams for parents to monitor their child’s progress. 

Scholar Agendas:

Agendas must be signed nightly by the parent of PK-4th graders or the following consequences will take place when an agenda is not signed:

  • 1st offense-Parent note in agenda
  • 2nd offense-Parent phone call
  • 3rd-Formal letter to parent
  • 4th-Parent called in for conference
  • 5th through 8th grade scholars are only required to have the agenda signed by a parent/guardian when a conduct grade lower than an A- is earned. If the agenda is not signed, the teacher will attempt to make parent contact and the conduct grade will be lowered. Parents and scholars are highly encouraged to use the student agenda as a daily communication and organizational tool. The use of the student agenda in middle school is to foster responsibly for scholarly organizational habits and self-discipline. 

If the agenda is lost, scholars must pay $5.00 to obtain a new copy.


Scholars must bring pencil and paper to school every day. At the beginning of the year, each scholar will receive a list of needed classroom supplies. These supplies should be marked and replenished throughout the year. The $10.00 supply fee must be paid in full by stated deadline. 

Smart Watches:

Smart watches are allowed to be worn on campus. However, all smart technology, including internet and Bluetooth capabilities must be turned off during school hours. Watches with camera capabilities are not allowed at school. 


The school telephone may be used by scholars only in the event of illness or emergency. Forgetting items at home is not considered an emergency.  

Cell phones should not be visible, used, or heard at school or on the bus.  Disciplinary actions may occur. 


Parental involvement and assistance is encouraged and always welcomed at Bayou Community Academy.  We value our parents.  However, any type of interruption disturbs teaching time.  Due to this, parents will not be allowed to speak to professionals during instructional time.  Parents can volunteer for various school and classwork assistance through the principal, secretary, teacher, or Boosters.  However, we ask that all visitors and volunteers follow these procedures so as to lessen the interruption of the education of our children.  

  1. Parents should send a note or email to school informing the professionals that they are willing to help or visit the classroom or cafeteria for any reason. Parents are only allowed to have lunch with their child. 
  2. The professionals will contact the parents and let them know the dates and times they are needed and the nature of the work to be done or verify the visit request.  
  3. Parent volunteers and all visitors to BCA must check into the office and be issued a “visitor’s pass” before entering campus.  The secretary will check with the appropriate school personnel to verify the visit.  If a proper paperwork is not submitted prior to the visitation providing evidence that the visit is approved by the appropriate personnel, the visitor will not be allowed into the school.  
  4. Parents are not allowed to bring young children with them when they are volunteering at BCA.  Unless scheduled by Administration, all volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.

If you are willing to help the front office, please notify the principal or secretary beforehand and you will be contacted when needed.  

Any parents/grandparents who are wishing to have lunch with their scholar should contact the child’s homeroom teacher so that he/she can plan accordingly. Parents are only allowed to have lunch with their child.  Restaurant and fast foods are not allowed in the cafeteria. 

Attendance to BCA events or activities is by invitation only. 


Scholars are allowed to bring clear water bottles to school as needed in the classroom as long as it is not a distraction to the learning environment. Scholars should not have water bottle near any technology or computers.