Yearbook Club

Club Sponsors

Christie Buzbee

Adrianne Speer

2019-2020 Officers

Morgan Borne

Vice President
Brynn Martinez

Celcelia Ngyen

Yearbook Meetings


Photographer’s assignments for School Year:


Jambalaya Dinner – Tanner Dufrene & Caroline Poche

College shirt Day-Middle – 1. Kameron Heinis

College Shirt day- element – 2. Emmie Albares

Club Day – Brody Boudreaux

PBIS-middle – 1. Annabella & Brody

PBIS Elementary – 2. Ella & Charlie

Club Day – Sopie Tran

Christmas fun day-elementary – 1. Haley & Morgan B

Christmas fun day- middle – 2. Caroline

100th Day of school-elementary – Sophie D & Byrnn

Book Fair – Cecelia & Elise

Book Character Day – Morgan & Brynn
Celcelia & Caroline 

PI Day – middle – Emma L & Mariam 

Drama Play – Kynze & Emmie


Secretary Day – Raelynn Adams

Spring Fling-elementary – McKinley B & Tanner
Spring Fling middle – Kynze & Mackenzie P

Pre-K celebration – Caroline P

Middle School Dance – Lorraine & Gamilia
Charlie S & Sophie D

Kinder Graduation  – Byrnn & Trinity
Lorraine & Tanner (programs)

1st Grade Awards – McKinley & Morgan

2nd Grade Awards – Gamilia & Lorraine

3rd  Grade Awards – Sophie & Kynze

4th  Grade Awards – Mariam C & Emma L

5th Grade Awards – Kameron & Tanner

6th  Grade Awards – Brody & Kynze

7th Grade Awards – Cecelia & Ella

8th Grade closing ceremony – Lorraine & Caroline

Scholars last day of school – Elementary – Annabella & Morgan
Middle – Sophie D

8th grade last walk – Lorraine & Caroline

Soccer – Haley, MsKinley B, Brynn

Girls on the Run – Lorraine 

Member Eligibility: 

Scholars in grades 5–8 with a GPA of 2.4 are eligible for membership in this club.

Approximately 20 5th-8th graders will be selected.  Members are required to complete an application in order to be considered for membership.


Officers:  President, Vice president, secretary


Membership Requirements:

Scholars will be chosen to attend main events throughout the school year to take pictures.  Towards the end of the school year, more meetings will be held in completion of the yearbook. 

Scholars may be required to complete outside reading assignments.

Members must attend and fully participate in the monthly meetings.

Members must demonstrate appropriate and respectful behavior at all times.


Probationary Status:

A student earning less than a 2.4 GPA in a given grading period will be placed on probationary status for the following grading period.  The member will be given two grading periods to reclaim a minimum 2.4 GPA.  If the GPA requirement is fulfilled the member will be keep full membership in the club.  If the GPA requirement is not fulfilled the scholar will lose membership.  Reinstatement to the club may occur when a cumulative 2.4 GPA is achieved. 


 A scholar earning a discipline referral for any reason will be placed on probation.  Upon receiving the second referral, membership may be revoked. All members are expected to participate in club meetings and events, as well as demonstrate appropriate and respectful behavior at all times.  Members not complying with the club’s requirements may be placed on probation.


Procedures for Dismissal:

At any time a club member is placed on probationary status, written notification detailing the infraction will be given to the scholar, parent and school administration. A conference can be scheduled if deemed necessary by the scholar, parent, club sponsor, or administration. 

Club membership will be revoked if terms of the probationary status are not met or for severe and/or habitual violations which will be determined by the club sponsor and with the support and the discretion of the school administration.