Welcome to BCA Chess Club 2020-2019!

We have hosted 6 chess tournaments at BCA in the past. We are excited for our 6th Invitational Chess Tournament on Saturday, January 25, 2020. National Chess Master Mike Papa, Native to Thibodaux, co-hosts the tournament, and teaches our chess club once a year. We are looking forward to another successful year! 

Chess Club Sponsors

Mrs. Patten, BCA Chess Club Sponsor

Mrs. Martin, Co-Sponsor

2019-2020 Club Leaders

8th Grade Leader: 
Baelin Broussard

7th Grade Leader: 
Virginia Soingnier

6th Grade Leader: 
Xander Hinds

Meeting Dates

BCA Chess Club meets every month on Club Day.


Calendar of Events

BCA Chess Club Calendar of Events 2019-20:

September 27, 2019:  Club Day
October 25, 2019:  Club Day
November 22, 2019:  Club Day
January 24, 2020:  Club Day (In-House Round Robin Games Begin!)
February 21, 2020:  Club Day (In-House Round Robin Games Continue!)
March 27, 2020:  Club Day  (Club Picture Day, In-House Round Robin Games End!)

BCA 6th Invitational Chess Tournament hosted by National Chess Master Mike Papa
Saturday, January 25, 2020
9am to 1pm
2nd grade – 8th grade 
East Thibodaux Middle School Cafeteria
More details to come.  **Mark Your Calendar!!**

Field Trips:

Club Name:  Chess Club

Sponsor(s):  Masami Patten    Co-Sponsor(s):  Erika Grabert

Dues:  NONE

Meetings:  Monthly (Optional meetings may be held prior to chess tournaments)

Member Eligibility:   

Scholars in grades 2–8 with a GPA of 2.4 are eligible for membership in this club.

Club Officers:   3 Chess Club Officers, One from 6th Grade, One from 7th Grade, and one from 8th Grade

Membership Requirements:

Members must attend monthly meetings and show a desire to learn and play the game of chess by participation.

Members must demonstrate appropriate and respectful behavior during all club activities.  

A member will be penalized to leave the club activity immediately for the remainder of the Club Day, when he/she is not compliant to Club Sponsors’ directions or warnings, which results in lowering his/her conduct grade/dot color twice during the Club Day.

Any form of cheating in chess games will result in revocation of the privilege to attend the Club Day in addition to a lower conduct grade/dot color.   

Probationary Status:

A student earning less than a 2.4 GPA in a given grading period will be placed on probationary status for the following grading period.  The member will be given two grading periods to reclaim a minimum 2.4 GPA.  If the GPA requirement is fulfilled, the member will be keep full membership in the club.  If the GPA requirement is not fulfilled, the scholar will lose membership.  Reinstatement to the club may occur when a cumulative 2.4 GPA is achieved. 

A scholar with his/her first discipline referral for any reason will be placed on probation.  Upon receiving the second referral, membership will be revoked.  

Procedures for Dismissal: At any time a member is placed on probationary status, a written notification detailing the infraction will be given to the scholar, parent and school administration. A conference can be scheduled if deemed necessary by the scholar, parent, club sponsor, or administration. Club membership will be revoked if terms of the probationary status are not met or for severe and/or habitual violations which will be determined by the club sponsor with support of the school administration.